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Class C & Class B Pyrotechnic Fireworks Local & State Permit Information

Class B Permit Information  More Information

Class C Fireworks (1.4G or Consumer Fireworks)

In the state of Pennsylvania, some Class C items require a permit to display and must be signed and presented when purchasing fireworks. Some, however, do not. Those that do not require a state or local permit are:

  • fountains
  • sparklers
  • novelty items
  • smoke items
  • wheels & spinners

There are two different kinds of permits that you can apply for:

  • One time use local permit signed by your local township supervisor, councilman or other local governing authority. We have blank permits free of charge. Ask us about them when you come to the SHOWROOM or you may download it here, get it signed and bring it with you when you come to purchase fireworks.

Understand PA State Fireworks Law

  • PA State Certificate of Registration for the Attorney General. This permit is good for all year but it does state that you are a business and you plan on displaying Class C fireworks for profit. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us and ask questions.

To apply for the PA State permit, write to:

Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General
Strawberry Square
Harrisburg, PA 17120

Class B Fireworks (1.3 G or Display Fireworks)

Class B fireworks are illegal to buy, sell, or display in the state of Pennsylvania unless you have the proper license. (Fireworks by Donnora DOES NOT sell Class B Display Fireworks). To obtain a license and all the necessary information for obtaining an ATF license: 

General inquiries:
Request application package:
Web site:
Contact number: 1-866-662-2750  
Fax: 1-866-257-2749

More useful information:

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