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How to Design a Pyrotechnic Fireworks Show


1. Where to shoot the show.

  • Choosing the right location to shoot your fireworks show is key to having your show look professional. Look for an area that is large enough to cover any fallout from the fireworks (there will be pieces of burning material falling from the sky - I have been hit with some now and again and some have damaged cars, pool covers, etc.) and make sure that your audience's view isn't blocked by trees, buildings, etc. The area should be level to prevent the fireworks from tipping over after they've been lit.

2. What kinds of fireworks should I buy?

  • When planning your fireworks display it's helpful to keep in mind the size of your area where the fireworks are going to be shot from. For example, in cities, driveways and small lots, it's best to choose fireworks that only go 3 to 8 ft in the air: fountains, ground spinners, wheels & spinners, sparklers, novelty items, smoke items....larger areas such as fields give you unlimited choices of the 1.4G Class C fireworks to choose from. However, in a large field I would not use fountains as they would be harder for your audience to see.

3. Choose a variety of fireworks for your show.

  • When walking down the fireworks store aisles, try to avoid purchasing two or more of a same item. For small budgets, go for uniqueness. You want to keep your audiences attention, so if you do buy more than one of any item fuse them together or set them off at the same time filling the sky with lots of color. Try to avoid lighting one at the beginning or one at the end of your show. They'll be recognized and may lose interest in your show. You should also try to avoid buying items with the same or similar effects. For example, say you've bought 4 items with the flying fish effect, then your audience will lose interest having seen that effect many times. Another mistake first time new enthusiasts make is not balancing the show between different types of items: 200 & 500 g multi-tube cakes, roman candles, artillery want a nice mix of items.