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Pennsylvania 1.4G Class C Pyrotechnic Fireworks Permit Procedures

PA Law states that any governing official from a town or municipality can grant permission to obtain and display fireworks for personal, public recreational or agricultural use. This is under the PA Fireworks Law Act of 1939. Remember, you must get your permit signed first before buying your fireworks and have it with you at the time of purchase.

1. Who is a governing official or who can sign the permit?

Most small towns do not have firework ordinances. In this case the governing official would be the officials of the town, such as a town supervisor, Mayor, town board, town fire marshal. Most cities and generally populated areas do require an application permit process with a small ten dollar fee. Remember, whatever has to be done, complete it, its the law and its worth it. If you would like to get a permit, please download our Adobe Acrobat PDF Purchase & Display Permit Form or our purchase order release form.

2. Why do we need a permit?

First, it is the law! PA has a no wholesale law for fireworks. This means all fireworks must be purchased from a licensed Firework Distributor. Second, a permit is needed to guard you against any complaints from the area. If the State Police inspect your area, you have abided by the rules of the state and everyone has a joyful holiday.

3. Who is Liable?

YOU, the purchaser is liable for all your actions when purchasing and displaying fireworks. The permit you have obtained is granting permission of use in the area of jurisdiction. The town is not liable for Private Use. Yes, when a show is displayed for Public use, one million dollars of spectator liability insurance is required. Your permit is no different than a sewer or building permit.

4.Are permits good for multiple transactions?

NO, a permit is good for a single transaction and specific date of use only.

Once your permit is signed, you have one year to purchase fireworks. Remember, obtaining a permit is a PRIVILEGE, so use it wisely. Above all, use COMMON SENSE and BE SAFE! Enjoy, Fireworks are an American Tradition, so make your next festive event the safest, happiest holiday ever.