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Pyrotechnic Fireworks Resources

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Keep up with fireworks clubs and news.

Here's some info that you might use:

Join a fireworks club and enjoy fireworks legally. Clubs provide legal areas to shoot fireworks and opportunities to learn safety measures. Some clubs have access to discounts and classes on how to build and shoot commercial fireworks.
Nearly all fireworks clubs in the United States are endorsed by the Pyrotechnics Guild International (PGI). The PGI provides resources, course materials, written publications, and guidance for clubs and PGI members. In addition, the PGI sponsors an annual convention each year that allows members to get together to exchange ideas and view some of the best fireworks in the world. You should consider joining the PGI if you are not already a member.

Here is a list of the fireworks clubs in the United States:

Connecticut Pyrotechnics Association

Crackerjacks Fireworks Club


Michigan Pyrotechnics Art Guild

New Hampshire Pyrotechnics Association

Pyrotechnic Artists of Texas (The Texas Fireants)

Rocky Mountain Pyrotechnics Guild

Stumptown Shooters

Western New York Pyrotechnic Association

Western Pyrotechnic Association

Wisconsin Pyrotechnic Arts Guild